Take 12 minutes a day—5 days in a row—to give your body some love.

Get ready for: less stress, deeper sleep, more energy, more optimism, and tons of motivation to stick with your goals.

How it works

Let’s get 2018 started off right!

MIRACLE WEEK is happening January 8th-12th 2018.

It’s online. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Any city. Any time zone.

Each day, you get a fun video with a 12-minute body/health challenge. Follow along at home. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and more energized right away… and you’ll be setting yourself up for a fantastic New Year!

Five reasons to sign up for Miracle Week. 

1. Tiny, realistic steps.

MIRACLE WEEK is all about looking and feeling amazing… as efficiently as possible. You don’t need a new juicer, gym gear, or tons of spare time. Just 12 minutes a day. Tiny steps make a big difference.

2. Open to everyone.

Whether you want to shed extra weight, get better sleep, release stress and tension, or simply give your body some extra TLC, there’s something for everyone during MIRACLE WEEK.


You don’t need to punish your body in order to get amazing results.

During MIRACLE WEEK, you’ll learn how to take excellent care of your body in a way that’s fun, gentle, and most importantly, sustainable.


You’ve been told “drink more water” a million times before, right? It’s time for some fresh ideas! During MIRACLE WEEK, you’ll get surprising, unexpected tips that make an immediate impact on how you feel.


Pop into the MIRACLE WEEK Facebook group once a day—or more, if you want—to post your latest victory, read people’s updates, and give and receive encouragement. Real support from real people with beautiful goals—just like you.

Your next move

Sign up for the free MIRACLE WEEK challenge… then check your inbox for a confirmation note. Contact support@shyatt.com if you have any questions. See you soon!

About Susan Hyatt

Susan Hyatt is a Master certified life coach, and a mindset, motivation, and weight loss expert.

 She’s the creator of BARE DAILY, an online community that’s all about taking excellent care of your body, looking and feeling amazing, and becoming the strongest, most confident version of yourself.

 Susan has been featured on national TV and in magazines like O: The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and Woman’s World. She releases a podcast called GO! every Monday morning, and blasts out her super-motivating newsletter multiple times a week.

 When she’s not working, Susan loves running, weight lifting, making quick meals in her Instant Pot, hanging with her husband and kids, and curling up on the couch to watch Poldark. And listening to Beyonce. Obviously.

 You can find all of Susan’s coaching programs, books, products, and free training videos at: SHyatt.com